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Our Mission:

The mission of La Asociación CREAR is to provide supplemental educational, recreational, and career opportunities for community members, primarily youth with limited resources, in the rural beach communities surrounding Playa Sámara in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, by offering a wide variety of innovative programs focusing on academic and artistic education, environmental consciousness, health, and socio-cultural development.


Here's to a successful 2015!

                Another year gone by and another story of growth and evolution; different from years in the past where Asociacion CREAR experienced the bulk of their change externally, the biggest change of 2015 came from within. After four years of dedicated service, Johannah Waite resigned from her position as Developmental Director inspiring a radical renovation of the internal structure of CREAR. She maintains a presence at CREAR as a member of the Board of Directors, a new component brought on by the recent restructuring.


¡Yo Creo... en Andrea !

Este verano nuestra querida Andrea fue la ganadora del Premio Yo Creo acordado por la Universidad Latina en Costa Rica en conjunto con el Premio Yo Emprendo asignado por la universidad hondureña, UNITEC. El premio se entrega a una persona joven que ha fundado o co-fundado una organización o proyecto con alto impacto social.


Newest Intern Lee Mook Offers Interactive English Classes

The Monkey Who Should Be in the Major Leagues:

 My Experiences Teaching English in Sámara, Costa Rica

                  Have you ever played dodgeball? Have you ever played dodgeball with a half-eaten piece of fruit? Have you ever played dodgeball with a half-eaten piece of fruit against a monkey? Well, I have, and all my years in gym class couldn’t have saved me from being on the receiving end of a slimy, juicy, have-eaten mango splattering across my chest.


Hear from Alena, one of our interns from Germany!

5 Monate Freiwilligenarbeit bei CREAR

Ich habe für CREAR, einer Organisation zur Förderung Kinder und Jugendlicher, ca. 5 Monate gearbeitet und konnte verschiedene und vielfältige Erfahrungen machen.


Hear from Our Volunteers

Cela fait maintenant deux mois que je suis à Samara. Le temps passe si vite. Lors de mon arrivée, je me suis demandé comment allais-je pouvoir rester quatre mois dans cette petite ville tranquille avec une seule rue principale amenant directement sur la plage. Je ne comprenais pas non plus pourquoi toutes les personnes que je rencontrais tombaient amoureuses de ce lieu. Originaire de la banlieue parisienne, je suis quelqu’un qui aime sortir, découvrir de nouveaux lieux, rencontrer des gens venant du monde entier….


2015: New Year, New Challenges


Mural de Felicidad

A few months ago, Catherine, member of the Samara community and supporter of CREAR, had the vision to create a large mural in the Salon Comunal.  With her partnership with HeArtsAboveReality and CREAR, this dream became a reality.  Check out the link for the inside scoop on this amazing project, and great organization



No Te Arrepentirás

"No te arrepentirás," my friend jokes with the taxi driver as we get into a cab on our way to Boca del Toro, a gorgeous viewpoint that overlooks several beaches; knowing neither of us have enough Colones for the usual fare-price to get there and back we reassure the driver he will not regret taking us there.


Fixing up the Salon Comunal, aka the New Casa CREAR

After just about 2 two weeks of being in our new location, the Salon Comunal of Samara, we have encountered our share of issues. Don't get us wrong, the Community Center is wonderful, offering ample space, a public and communal area for the children and community at large, room for the library and for organizational growth.